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Estate Fire Safety is a passive fire protection specialist based in Nottingham. We offer a range of contractual services, conducting fire protection works to meet Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 legislation and fire safety in the workplace.

Our team of qualified specialists provide a wide range of passive fire protection solutions including:

  • Site fire safety advice
  • Site inspections
  • Fire compartmentalisation installations
  • Fire safety upgrades
  • Fire stopping installations
  • Assistance with statutory compliance
  • Plus much more

Ensuring the fire safety of your building or estate is paramount, not only just in UK law but also to protect lives.

We use only the highest quality certified products from the UK’s top suppliers of fire protection solutions.

Estate Fire Safety has built a reputation through the development of long term relationships with our clients and block and estate managers across the United Kingdom. View our latest case study here on a block of 300 plus apartments in Nottingham.

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