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As of 5th April 2021, new guidance came in to effect which provides great clarity and understanding as to whether or not an EWS1 form is required.

As the guidance has never been as clear before, the new RICS guidance will help deduce which buildings require an EWS1 easier and quicker, ensuring that people can buy and sell property more easily.

The criteria considers the height of the building, the type of cladding used, how much cladding there is and also whether that are balconies and combustible materials.

In a nutshell, an EWS1 form is required for building that are five or six storeys high, where there is cladding or curtain wall glazing on the building, if there are stacked balconies where the balustrades or decking are constructed with combustible materials or if there are ACM, MCM or HPL panels on a building.